Knee-High Popstar women

Knee-highs in pink & gold

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Maximum power, maximum festival fun. A tailored fit. Style darling made in Germany.
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Knee-highs with rhythm in the thread: Energizing Golden Beats

ITEM m6’s new Popstar knee-highs turn heads at any event. The popular pink color and the Energizing Golden Beats Print get you on your feet and moving. These festival socks create a relaxed look together with a cargo jacket, short rain boots and shorts or an exciting look under a see-through maxi dress with wedges. Let your free spirit soar and turn the day into night with the pressure-free cuff and an optimal supply of oxygen – without any slipping.

Endless energy thanks to high-tech compression
The knee-high socks are your beauty secret for the festival season. Stylish on the outside and effective on the inside, they get your endorphins dancing. The High-Tech Form-Fit Thread creates compression with a truly amazing effect. The Popstar socks stimulate blood circulation and give your legs an energy kick, while the breathable premium-quality fabric gives you slender, feather-light legs so you can celebrate for hours and hours without tiring.

The new lightness of medi compression made in Germany is in every fiber of ITEM m6 products to ensure unmatched comfort, superior support and a perfect fit for more festival fun.
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