• ITEM m6 is the fashion brand of medi, a family-run company that offers a better & healthier life thanks to innovation & passion. Made in Germany since 1951 - true compression of the highest quality.
  • The high standards of our customers – and the drive of the global leader and high-tech compression specialist with 2,600 employees & 21 branches worldwide.
  • Cutting-edge technology for a new dimension of efficient & life-changing products – for generations this has been the DNA of medi, the family-owned company based in Bayreuth, Germany.
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High performance comes in thread form

  • Ultimate body awareness and unique compression effects are achieved thanks to special measurements of body and clothing size – for a unique fit keeping you at the top of your game, every day.
  • Cutting-edge technology in every fiber – With expertise and innovative spirit ITEM m6 is setting new standards and revolutionizing the sock market. Skin-nourishing socks with high-tech milk protein fibers, invisible Shaping t-shirts with sixpack design or the perfect business sock with long-term feel-good effect – always creative, always innovative, always thought-through.
  • The extra-durable, intelligent socks are your companion on every adventure, perfectly adapted to the demanding lifestyle of the modern man.
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Compression meets fashion

  • medi compression: Powerful effect & noticeable benefits in all areas of life – whether business, sports or medicine, the unique compression brings together strength and lightness in perfect unity for more Manpower.
  • True compression vs. support stockings – it’s the thread that makes the difference. The High-Tech Form-Fit Thread is the secret behind the perfectly defined compression profile for unmatched comfort thanks to a tailored fit. Only true compression has this precision.
  • High-performance thread for perfect body definition – boundless energy, 100% flexibility, perfect fit and a new lightness in every step are the lasting effects of wearing legwear and shapewear by ITEM m6.
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Future is a tradition at medi

  • Perfection down to the tips of your toes: 27 control points, certifications & non-stop material & machine testing for exact humidity & flawless workmanship guarantee the perfect quality of every legwear product. Only perfect products leave our factory.
  • Wash, spin and dry: Up to 10 series of color tests with up to 6.5 hours dyeing time to get the perfect ITEM m6 color – this is passion you can feel, see & wear.
  • The products are particularly skin-friendly, tested for harmful substances & extremely durable. They are made with great attention to detail with many individual steps completed by hand to create more than just a fashion accessory, but rather a true companion for life.
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Why settle for standard when you can have
ITEM m6?

  • SOCKS COLORWAVE - Socks for the modern man - high-tech compression for an energy boost and lighter feeling, modern two-tone design with ribbed texture and flexible cuff for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • KNEE-HIGH FINE RIBBED - The smart business partner in sock form – The cushioned foot section and soft high-tech luxury material hug you like a second skin and get you walking on clouds. This classic fine-ribbed texture is on-point in business meetings.
  • T-SHIRT SHORTSLEEVE SOFT SHAPE – The Shaping expert knows what men want - sixpack design, skin-friendly and breathable fabric with powerful shaping effect. The shortsleeve t-shirt with flat bonded seams and slim design fits perfectly under dress shirts and so is ideally integrated into your business day.
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