Barbara does it with a smart stitch – our brand ambassador, legspert, power woman and multi-talent Barbara Schöneberger simply “puts on” her personal trainer, beauty expert and wellness coach! ITEM m6 products give you a perfectly smooth silhouette and eye-catching curves with lasting lightness and uncompromising comfort.


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Barbara Schöneberger relies on the beauty legwear and shapewear wonder ITEM m6 and shares her very own personal tips and tricks with you.

The secret is compression

Barbara reveals the ITEM m6 shape pros’ beauty secret: Compression is the magic word. Compression can also be stylish and works wonders in more areas than just medicine. Whether trendy, high fashion or classic design, this legwear made in Germany adapts perfectly in form & function to the lifestyle of the modern woman. The special yarns featuring the high-tech thread and breathable synthetic fibers hug your body like a second skin and increase the oxygen supply with a deep effect while improving the appearance of your skin through microcirculation for lasting benefits.

The result: A perfect fit and beautiful legs

Barbara loves wearing ITEM m6 compression on the red carpet: “Then everything fits exactly as it should!” But that’s not the only place this smart fashion legwear is a must-have. It also gives you head-turning curves and beautiful legs with guaranteed comfort in business and everyday life situations. Our intelligent legwear only hugs, shapes & supports you where it should – for a 24/7 feeling of wellness. ITEM m6’s size system also considers your height and not just your ankle circumference.

And ITEM m6’s 2-length system ensures the perfect fit without digging in, slipping or pinching. Barbara and ITEM m6 want women to feel strong, light, motivated and full of energy every day and in every situation – with a powerful effect for power women!

Barbara calls her ITEM m6 legwear “legal doping” for a more attractive appearance and enhanced body awareness that makes a lasting impression. Medicine, fashion, sports and innovation interwoven in one-of-a-kind legwear! ITEM m6 isn’t just for special occasions – thanks to a unique production process at the company headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany, decades of expertise, a special two-length system with specific measurements for the perfect fit, ITEM m6 legwear is more than a fashion accessory. It’s legwear for life.




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Beauty tights will help you look good in the summer already today. The high-tech shaping effect gives you light, slender legs and a perfectly smooth silhouette.

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High-tech compression gives you a perfectly smooth silhouette while the plush loops on the inside create a pleasant heat cushion without too much pressure.

Is there anything you always wanted to know about compression or beauty legwear? Then send an email to and the ITEM m6 Team and Barbara Schöneberger will be happy to answer your question.