prominent women wear the charity hoodieprominent women wear the charity hoodie

from the left: Nina Moghaddam, Elmira Rafizadeh, Ania Niedick, Bella Lesnik, Janine Kunze, Natalie Horler


Freedom and the rights of women are values which are not merely important, but indisputable for ITEM m6 and the team behind the brand. That is why, in co-operation with TV presenter Nina Moghaddam, we have put together a charity outfit to raise awareness of the ongoing protests in Iran. The set, comprising Power Pants and a logo hoodie symbolizes strength and solidarity.

We would like to thank all our supporters! All proceeds from the sale of both charity pieces will be donated 100% to the organization HÁ 

TV presenter Nina Moghaddam wears the Charity HoodieTV presenter Nina Moghaddam wears the Charity Hoodie

Nina Moghaddam

TV presenter Nina Moghaddam is the daughter of Iranian parents. Most of her relatives still live in Iran. Nina Moghaddam can no longer enter Iran, as due to her speaking out in public since 2009 she would be at risk of being detained on arrival. She uses all channels available to her to call attention to the situation in her country of origin and to serve as a voice for the women suffering oppression there. Nina actively supports the women’s protests in Iran and campaigns against breaches of human rights.

HÁ e.V.

HÁ a human rights organization founded in 2015 which works on development, education and awareness-raising programs. It endeavors to create a world in which every human being, regardless of gender, origin or faith can develop in a self-determined way and in safety. A world in which human rights are inviolable and women and children need have no fear of taking up opportunities and thinking big. HÁ has witnessed and supported the feminist revolution in Iran from its beginnings and has a role as a voice of the movement for liberation, human rights and women’s rights in Iran. It is for these rights that the organization works internationally and condemns the brutal actions of the Iranian regime, which is committing breaches of these rights daily.

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HÁ e.V. logoHÁ e.V. logo
Elmira Rafizadeh wears the charity outfitElmira Rafizadeh wears the charity outfit
Ania Niedick wears the charity-outfitAnia Niedick wears the charity-outfit

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