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Power Pants by ITEM m6 feature patented shaping technology which creates a gradual compression profile. This is how we have completely redefined shaping denims. All models are high-waisted, sitting a few centimeters above the belly button. This feeling of being “all held in”, of security and support without in any way constricting is the unique characteristic of our Power Pants – made possible by the high stretch fabric. The differences in fits are related to finishing details and leg shapes. All our Skinny, Slim and Relaxed models are available in various colors and washes. What's your perfect match?

Skinny Fit

All three Skinny styles Skinny High Rise, Worked High Rise, Clean High Rise are high-waisted, sitting right on the waist. Compared to our Cropped High Rise and Denim High Rise Slim Fit pants, the main difference is the leg fit. The Skinny Fit pants are close-fitting all the way to the ankle.​

And of course, all three styles benefit from our patented shaping technology. The innovative material with a high stretch component uniquely combines compression you can feel with super-comfortable wearability.​

Learn more about our skinny fit models:

Skinny High Rise​

The Skinny High Rise are classic five-pocket jeans. The skinny-fit legs are finished with either a frayed or closed hem, depending on the color option. 

Worked High Rise​

The stand-out feature of the Worked High Rise pants is the way we’ve offset the denim seams from the front and back of the legs to the sides. They also have patch rear pockets. The ankle-length leg has a closed hem. ​

Clean High Rise​

The Clean High Rise pants have an extra-high waistband, a discreet side zipper at the hip and ankle-length legs. They feature a topstitched accent down the front of the leg as well as darts at the back of the waist for the perfect fit.​

Slim Fit

Both of our Slim Fit styles Cropped High Rise and Denim High Rise are classic five-pocket jeans (two back pockets, two front pockets and a small patch pocket inside one front pocket) with a high waist – that means they sit right on the natural waistline. At the lower leg the fit is a little more relaxed than our three Skinny styles, the Skinny High Rise, Worked High Rise and Clean High Rise.​

Learn more about our slim fit models:

Cropped High Rise​

Our Cropped High Rise pants feature cropped 7/8-length legs with a frayed finish. ​

Denim High Rise​

The Denim High Rise have a longer leg and a regular closed hem. 

Relaxed Fit

For more laid-back days, the Relaxed Fit of our Relaxed High Rise delivers support for the tummy area and the hips. Their stretchy woven fabric and relaxed cut (barrel leg, tapered towards the ankle) are characteristic of the Relaxed High Rise. The high waist, darts, patch back pockets and the sewn-on belt fastening in place of a button make the Relaxed High Rise the mellowest model in our Power Pants line.  ​