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Woman wears posture-correcting shirtWoman wears posture-correcting shirt

Stronger back, stronger you

Our Tech Knit Back Support Series is designed to support you for a stronger back. Stronger back, stronger you

We love that idea!

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  1. Posture shirt
    Tech Knit Posture Shirt
    Posture correcting and strengthens the back
    Posture correcting and strengthens the back
    Seamless stretch material
    Seamless stretch material
    High-performance 3D knitting technology
    High-performance 3D knitting technology
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1 Item

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Face the day with poise and composure: our posture shirts and posture bras will have your back! We introduced these two special products to our range to help women move through life not just with good support, but also good bearing. This is where our innovative 3D knit technology plays an essential role.

Whether it’s a posture shirt or our Tech Knit Bra: Both products feature a sophisticated cut, unique functional fabric and quality that’s made in Europe. Wearing them delivers a gentle but effective pull-back effect that supports the back and assists in achieving an upright posture. while sitting, standing and walking. This strengthens the back and promotes a healthy, upright posture, both at work and during your leisure time.

The seamless stretch material from which these shirts and bras are make is especially soft and extra breathable. The posture-correcting pieces fit closely at the bust, and in the case of the shirt at the waist and tummy too, hugging you like a second skin. And all the while, absolute freedom to move and maximum comfort are naturally guaranteed! A welcome bonus: Thanks to seamless bonds, neither the Posture Shirt nor the Bra will show through clothing. This means these products are perfect for invisible support, no matter what your choice of outfit!

Little garments – great effects

Our Posture Shirts and Bras feature innovative compression so that they can work their magic. This is also why the products may look quite small to you before you put them on – but as soon as you wear them the effects come into play. Choose your regular size in both products when ordering.

Benefits of ITEM m6 TECH KNIT Posture Shirts and Bras

Comfort: Soft material that sits snugly against your body and the perfect fit guarantee ultimate comfort.
Support: The T-shirt’s smart design supports the muscles of your back. Your own wearable personal trainer!
Design: Mesh highlights and unique material, perfect as part of a lingerie look outfit
Shape: Gentle shaping effect with no pinching or digging in.