Compression effect

Zwei Frauen tragen hautfarbene Strumpfhosen und betrachten sich im SpiegelZwei Frauen tragen hautfarbene Strumpfhosen und betrachten sich im Spiegel


We are convinced that you can achieve anything when you feel good! Ultimate support and enhanced well-being come first with us. We are always seeking new ways to support women in all their daily challenges. Our Bodywear with functions delivers positive effects that you can feel in all areas of life.



True compression and the right support energize the body and activate your inner high-five with an invigorating wellness effect.


Wearing ITEM m6 pieces creates a unique effect. The integrated high-tech compression delivers a gentle, carefully graduated compression profile. This, in turn, stimulates the circulation, optimizing the flow of oxygen and energy and markedly improves the blood flow.


Our innovative technology leads to improved bodily awareness and feeling fully supported in daily life. The variable stretch in our yarns and fabrics mean the products feel pleasantly light to wear, without tightness or pinching. And this 360° stretch gives the perfect fit as it adapts around your body. We call this intelligent fit. Our products fit to your body and supply the support where it is needed.



Our Bodywear unites function with aesthetics and quality. We are committed to high quality, innovative materials which are designed to be breathable and skin-friendly. Our products embrace the body like a hug and enhance your comfort. The integrated gentle compression delivers more energy and lightness for improved allover well-being.