ITEM m6 Durability



We are not just spinning you a yarn about the perfect fit, 20-times better durability and breathtaking beauty effects – we can prove it. Various tests have been carried out on our tights and on those of our competitors – see and read for yourself. Convince yourself of the quality of ITEM m6 legwear and test our products for 30 days. Satisfaction or your money back – try now with our no-quibble guarantee!

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Test winner in robustness against abrasion

The Invisible material by ITEM m6 is ultra-durable. Even after 20,000 rub cycles it still looks as good as new! Competitors’ materials that appear comparable at first glance end up completely worn out after only a few cycles.

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Test winner in shape retention and elasticity

The ITEM m6 Invisible finish is still like new even after 100 wears: Elasticity and shape change only by 4.6 %. Visually comparable products by other brands noticeably lose shape and stability.

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Test winner in laddering resistance

The Invisible products by ITEM m6 are highly ladder resistant! In a test with a fish hook which becomes snagged on the fine material, only when a load of 800 grams is applied does a small hole result. At this load, most of the competitors’ products have already sustained severe damage.

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Test ITEM m6 Legwear and Shapewear (excluding Easy Line products) and feel that special sensation and exceptional quality for yourself! If for any reason you are not delighted, you may return the product without stating any reasons and receive a full refund.

Abrasion test

Your ITEM m6 tights are your constant companion in business and everyday life – but will your legwear still be flawless after lots of walking, activity, and moving around on your office chair? We leave nothing to chance and test our durability using the most widely-applied method, the Martindale test (DIN EN ISO 12947-2). Round samples of our high-tech knit fabric are cut out from the thigh area and stretched and clamped onto the Martindale abrasion test device. Then our stocking’s put through the mill, so to speak: with a weight of 100 g/cm² the machine repeatedly rubs the fabric against a standard wool textile surface. After 20,000 rub cycles the stocking is still evaluated as in good condition.

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Shape retention test

Our luxury stockings with real compression appear unusually small at first glance. After putting them on, though, they surround your figure like a second skin, with gentle, pleasant pressure. The shaping effect allows every woman to show her very best side and conjure up a visually slimmer, smoother dream silhouette. But can this perfectly-defined form still be achieved after putting on and taking off the stockings 100 times? Despite the marked stretching involved in putting them on, the compression effect remains as strong as on the first day. We have developed our own testing set-up using a force gage and expansion measuring device. We clamp the stockings in the knee area and then stretch them alternating from 30 % to 60 %. This is repeated 100 times; we then measure the extent of shape loss for stockings with guaranteed perfect shape.

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Fish-hook test

Tights, Stay-Ups, Knee-highs or Socks – legwear needs to flexibly adapt to the lifestyle of the modern woman, and not the other way around. Packing spares for your business trip in case of a ladder in your tights? With ITEM m6, there’s no need! We test the susceptibility to runs with a set-up we developed ourselves. This is where the most fearsome enemy of sheer tights comes in: the fish hook. With a spring scale to measure the force applied, a section from the thigh area of the tights is clamped in the device at a stretch extension of 20 %. A fine fish hook is allowed to catch on approx. 3 stitches. The spring scale with a weight of up to 1000 grams is then pulled upwards as the ladders test runs its course.

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