ITEM m6 Technology

Frau zieht eine Strumpfhose anFrau zieht eine Strumpfhose an


Our products are built upon over 70 years of expertise in innovative compression technology. As a brand of medi – the globally renowned manufacturer of medical compression products – we use our decades of expertise to develop products with integrated compression for the lifestyle and fashion sectors.


Reaching 15–18 mmhg of pressure per stocking, our products lie below medical compression class 1. This means they are comfortable enough to wear for everyday activities for a guaranteed pleasant experience. The knitting technology, however, is the same as the method used for medical compression stockings. ITEM m6 stockings therefore achieve a unique compression effect.

Frau zieht sich eine Kompressionsstrumpfhose übers BeinFrau zieht sich eine Kompressionsstrumpfhose übers Bein


ITEM m6 compression is created by a combination of the precisely defined inclusion of spandex and the mesh size. These two components are individually defined for each area along the leg of the stocking, from ankle to the beginning of the panty top.


Pressure and shape are particularly influenced by the inclusion of spandex, and the strength used of this fiber. But the mesh size of the knit fabric is also key to the amount of compression generated. The smaller the mesh size, the greater the pressure exerted at that point. The compression can therefore be increased or adjusted using these variables.


The greatest pressure is measured at the ankle – our ITEM m6 pressure point. The m6 in ITEM m6 refers to the sixth point on the spleen meridian in traditional Chinese medicine, which promotes the flow of energy and the circulation of oxygen. Only true compression technology achieves this energizing precision.

Frau trägt eine Strumpfhose mit Streifen an der HüfteFrau trägt eine Strumpfhose mit Streifen an der Hüfte


A weft yarn is fed into every second needle and driven halfway up so that it is positioned in the needle hook. As the machine rotates another thread – the knitting yarn – is added. These yarns together create the mesh structure and generate the compression. This procedure is repeated so that with each rotation two rows of stitches of the stocking are formed.


The notable feature of this knitting technique is the use of two yarns. The knitting yarn and the weft yarn are composed of the same two main components: The inner core contains the spandex component and is at least 50 % recycled. The surrounding wrapping, which can be single or double-wound, is made of polyamide.