Seamless Tights

Perfect fit. Seam-free finish.

Practically invisible – yet at the center of your day! Light Tights give you dream legs and stay perfectly in place all day longthanks to their comfort waistband.

Perfect fit. Seam-free finish. Your perfect DEN weight.

Practically invisible – yet at the center of your day! Light Tights give you dream legs and stay perfectly in place all day longthanks to their comfort waistband.

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Super-light and incredibly comfortable – all day long!

Enchanting legs right around the clock: Our Light Tights are made from a super-soft 3D yarn and that’s just one plus: the high-tech memory yarn and wide comfort waistband mean they always fit exactly as they should. Our seamless technology also contributes to this excellent fit: The completely seam-free tights do not pinch or constrict – instead they sculpt your legs with subtle support to bring out the best in your curves.

They’re just so light! Our Light Tights

What do the perfect tights feel like? Exactly: Best of all is when you can’t feel them at all – like our Light Tights collection! We have devised an extra-fine formula that feels great to wear and keeps your legs feeling light for your whole day.

The range of color nuances and thicknesses from sheer to opaque means Light Tights give you a breath-taking figure, from mornings in the office through afternoon shopping trips to evening dates. Wear these fine tights with a cocktail dress to the next party – and the subtle, integrated support will keep you light on your feet until late into the night, the last woman on the dance floor!

Seam-free finish – bye-bye, pressure points!

Seams have an annoying habit of slipping – and discreetly hitching up tights that are pinching you in public is one of the greatest challenges every woman faces. That is why for our Light Tights we have done away with seams altogether – for seam-free comfort, all day long.

Unforgettable curves thanks to 3D memory yarn

The fine Light Tights are made from ultra-modern 3D memory yarn: This guarantees a perfect fit, since the yarn molds itself to your figure and helps it into the ideal shape.

Nothing feels better: the comfort waistband

Whether its in a high-waisted skirt, stylish culottes or a figure-hugging evening dress we need tights that give us support! And that’s where the waistband comes in that not only stays perfectly in place but also gently shapes, without pinching. This is exactly why we developed the ITEM m6 comfort waistband!

Gentle support – doing your legs a good deed!

Refreshing pressure? What may sound like a contradiction is the unique technology by ITEM m6: The light support not only perfectly shapes your legs, it also gently relieves them. The close fit smooths your contours and simultaneously the 3D memory yarn relieves your legs.

Beautifully shaped – for your perfect silhouette!

The thin Light Tights wouldn’t be by ITEM m6 if they weren’t also lengths ahead when it comes to relief and support! This is ensured by the gentle, integrated support that hugs your legs and perfects your contours with light pressure. And at the same time, your legs feel light all day long.

Get your legs wonderfully in shape!

The extra-thin tights with gentle shaping effect sculpt your curves oh-so-softly, giving you a magically beautiful silhouette. It is the soft 3D memory yarn that achieves this: This is what gives the tights their perfect fit, allowing them to hug your figure closely.

Perfect curves – with pleasant support!

Thanks to the light, subtle support of the Light Tights the curves of your tummy, rear and legs are gently shaped – meaning every side can be your best side! It is not least the decades of experience of the long-established manufacturer medi that’s responsible. With the Light Tights, these experts show that even light pressure makes a great difference in your day-to-day life, giving you noticeably lighter legs.