Travel Knee Highs

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Feel-Better Effect – the Best Body Sensation!

ITEM m6 stands for beauty, strength and well-being. And that’s exactly why we only make clothing with positive compression effects that do your body good and support your health.

When traveling it’s more important than ever to look after your health. Long-haul flights with little leg-room, fluctuating temperatures and long periods spent sitting or standing are the most common factors that can cause problems during travel. We have the magic formula to take a weight off your mind – and feet – for all your future travels.

Compression for a next-generation travel feeling – circulation-stimulating, comfortable, ultra-durable and available in understated finishes, perfect for business and leisure.

What can you expect from our Travel Stockings and Tights?

The effect: We make knee highs and tights featuring a special travel compression profile that’s targeted to the demands of traveling and delivers the results you need.
What you wear counteracts the restrictions on movement while traveling and stimulates your circulation.

The result: Light-feeling legs and improved comfort while on the move. No matter how long the flight or train ride ahead of you, with our stockings you’ll arrive feeling fit and fresh, ready to enjoy the day.

At last even long-haul flights are truly enjoyable again!

First-Class Feeling with Compression

Ready for take-off! Our travel products with special compression guarantee you a pleasant journey and wellness boost. They offer comfort soles, extra comfortable cuffs or waistbands and certain products feature a fabric blend including natural fibers. The ideal travel companions.

Which ITEM m6 Travel Products are ideal for you?

Knee-highs or tights: Our Travel Collection counteracts heavy-feeling legs and offers an extra comfort boost when you have to sit for long periods. The breathable materials support the wellness effect while reinforced soles maximize your comfort. Each piece comes with its own special benefits. Here’s a quick overview of the highlights of our Travel Collection with ultimate high-tech compression:

Tights Skyline are semi-transparent, close-fitting travel tights in a 30 DEN look with a comfort waistband that never slips or rolls. The tights come in a range of clothing sizes and in two different lengths (to match your height) so you can find the perfect fit.

Knee-High Skyline is a semi-opaque, super-soft travel knee-high in 30 DEN appearance with a comfortable, non-slip cuff – a pleasure to wear.

Knee-High Voyager is an opaque, comfortable compression knee-high for travel in a matte 50 DEN look, with pressure-free, non-slip cuff.

Why is ITEM m6 the best choice for Travel and Health?

Behind the ITEM m6 products is the expertise of medi, the international specialist in high-tech compression. This innovative medi compression is made in Germany. The secret is a smart compression thread creating a compression profile specifically designed to support the circulation. With the fusion of pleasant-feeling compression and luxurious well-being the travel products by ITEM m6 open up a whole new dimension of traveling in comfort.

Discover a whole new side of travel.

ITEM m6 Travel Collection

Here’s why you should never travel without our travel products – whether long-haul or quick trip:

Perfect fit

The comfort waistband and cuffs on tights or knee-highs paired with the 2-lengths system promise: No slipping – no pinching!

Stop heavy legs!

Integrated travel compression improves your circulation and effectively counteracts restricted movement.

The right environment for feet

The breathable material and reinforced sole give you fresh feet, 24/7.

Ultimate comfort

High-tech fabric blends combined with pleasant compression mean the ultimate in comfort.